Open Y Participant Agreement


This Open Y Participation Agreement (this “Agreement”) is between Open Y, LLC, and participating YMCA member associations in the United States (“Member Associations”). Open Y, LLC has received license rights from the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation (“YUSA”) to provide the Platform (as defined below) to you. Open Y is not a part of YUSA; Open Y is a part of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities.

The purpose of the Open Y community is to collectively advance YMCA web and online experiences to better serve the YMCA mission. The terms of this Agreement govern your use of Open Y’s open-source digital content management system, which facilitates the sharing of YUSA brand-compliant website templates, tools, applications, and related digital assets (“Platform”). The community provides a collaborative environment for individuals to positively interact and participate in the Platform. These guidelines address the standards and expectations of those contributing to and participating in the Open Y community and are meant to help our YMCA community grow and thrive. Your participation in Open Y means that you agree to the following guidelines and to the Open Y Terms of Use.


No right is granted by this Agreement to use or license the YUSA brand assets. YMCA brand assets, which include, but are not limited to YMCA trademarks, trade dress, logos and other indicia of origin, are owned and controlled by YUSA. Open Y, LLC provides the Platform to you under license from YUSA. Accordingly, neither Open Y, LLC nor any Member Association shall, either directly or indirectly, at any time do any act or thing contesting the validity of YUSA’s trademarks or its rights thereto.

Only Member Associations in the United States will have access to use any YUSA brand assets included in Open Y. All use by Member Associations must be in compliance with YUSA brand standards and guidelines as established by the National Board. YUSA is a third party beneficiary to this Agreement, with the right to enforce each of the terms of this Agreement with respect to Open Y and you. Open Y shall send copies of all notices due to you under this Agreement to each of you and YUSA.


Participation: Open Y will be at its best if each member participates in the community. There are many different ways you can participate, including through using the platform, presentations, forums, summits, emails, calls, etc. We encourage your active participation to the extent you feel you are able and willing. Open Y, LLC may publicly disclose your participation in the project.

Contribution: Open Y encourages Members to contribute to the enhancement, editing, and building of Open Y. To ensure valuable contributions to the community, Open Y encourages Members to stay familiar and up-to-date with the Open Y roadmap, as well as new features in active development. When you make changes that improve Open Y features, please contribute those back to the community by ensuring they are re-useable and decoupled.

Collaboration: Open Y encourages Members to collaborate across the YMCA community to share costs and efforts on building new capabilities.

Transparency: Customizations of code provided by Open Y for your website will likely increase the initial fees, support, and upgrade costs for your website. When modifying or redistributing code, you must include a notice giving credit to Open Y for the portion of the Open Y code you use.

Promotion: Open Y encourages Members to share their expertise and Open Y experience to expand its reach and accessibility to experienced and new members alike. There will be many opportunities for members to support Open Y and its marketing and messaging initiatives.

Reporting Problems

If you believe someone has violated the Open Y Community Guidelines, or have any questions or concerns, please contact Open Y, LLC at