Open Y one-click install how-to

This walk-through is outdated and is in the process of being updated. Instead, try:

Installing Open Y on DigitalOcean droplet

  1. Create Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64 droplet in area close to your location image

Use 2Gb droplet or more powerful if you need. Do not use 1Gb option - Open Y will fail on it.

  1. Login to the SSH console of the droplet
  2. Follow the comment from Basically - run a command under root
curl -Ls | bash -s

The command above will run approximately 10 minutes. 4. In the end you should see a message similar to

Open to proceed with OpenY installation.
  1. Open the link from the above message(from your console, not from this document) with your browser and proceed with Open Y installation.


In order to install the latest beta release of Open Y 2.0 change the command on step 3:

curl -Ls | bash -s beta

If you find any issues please post a message to the issue queue