Decoupled (external) projects of OpenY

Inventory of external modules available via Composer

Check all GitHub for the tag openy-decoupled

GitHub hosted

  1. ymcatwincities/openy_block_modal - Implements a simple block with a body and title that will be used to display modal windows.
  2. ymcatwincities/openy_memberships - Membership Framework for OpenY and Drupal.
  3. ymcatwincities/openy_prgf_sidebar_menu - SideBar menu for referencing menu blocks and using in SideBars across different pages.
  4. ymcatwincities/openy_loc_finder - Extended Location Finder
  5. Open-Y-subprojects/reqclique_gxp_sync - Reqclique Group Exercise Sync
  6. open-y-subprojects/virtual_y_signaling_server - Signalling server for Virtual Y
  7. open-y-subprojects/openy_daxko_gxp_syncer - Daxko GroupEx PRO v1 API Syncer into Program Event Framework
  8. open-y-subprojects/ynorth_gxp_spots_proxy - Availability Spots Cache Proxy for Groupex PRO embed API Syncer into PEF
  9. open-y-subprojects/openy_node_alert - Alerts APP for Open Y
  10. open-y-subprojects/openy_focal_point - Open Y Focal Point routines
  11. open-y-subprojects/shared_content_server - Shared Content Server
  12. ynorth-projects/openy_node_session - Open Y Node Session
  13. ynorth-projects/openy_repeat - Repeat API for PEF. Schedules APP built in Vue.js
  14. ynorth-projects/openy_pef_gxp_sync - Groupex Pro Embed/OpenY Syncer into PEF
  15. ymcatwincities/ymca_sync - Syncer backend core
  16. ymcatwincities/openy_activity_finder - Activity Finder app
  17. ymcatwincities/media_entity_document - Media Entity Document
  18. ynorth-projects/openy_prgf_session_table - if you need to present couple of Sessions in a table view without using any complex app like Schedules or Activity Finder hosted

  1. drupal/upgrade_tool - Open Y Upgrade Tool
  2. ymcatwincities/paragraph_skins - Skins component from OpenY. Decoupled to drupal/paragraph_skins
  3. drupal/openy_autocomplete_path - Open Y Autocomplete Path. Works in Drupal 8 only. Removed from 9.* Open Y releases.

Decoupling mind-map

<code>Open Y decoupling</code>