Taxonomy, Vocabularies, and Terms

Group pieces of related content together for tagging, filtering, sorting and grouping with Open Y’s tagging system.

The Taxonomy feature in Open Y creates organized lists of categories, which allow you to group content, create folders for Images ( in Open Y 2.4 and later) and create standard options for dropdown fields in your content.

Each list is called a Vocabulary, while each item in your list is called a Term. Terms comprise a Term Name and any additional data/settings for that particular vocabulary (see below in Vocabularies in Open Y for details).

How to Edit Vocabulary Lists

Go to Structure > Taxonomy. When you find the Vocabulary you want to edit, click List Terms.

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You can rearrange your terms by hovering your mouse over the cross icon and dragging them. This will determine the order in which they appear. By default these are alphabetical.

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Moving a term to the right will “nest” it underneath another term, making it a “child” to that term.

Adding/Editing Terms

Click on Edit to make changes to an existing item or Add Term to add a new one.

On the next page, you can add a Name for your vocabulary and an optional Description.

Below those two fields, you can add the additional information unique to your vocabulary.

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Vocabularies in Open Y

Because Vocabularies are lists of categories, how they will show up depends on which Vocabulary you use.


Used for tagging branches with amenities. Amenities display on a branch page and as a filter on a locations page.

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As mentioned above, Color is a list of colors you can use across your site, primarily in your page headers, small banners, galleries and banners.

Blog/News Category

These taxonomies tag blog/news posts. Categories display in the sidebar and as filters in your Blog Post Listing and News Posts Listing paragraphs, respectively.

Media Folders (Open Y 2.4 and later)

Creates folders for your images in the media browser.

View Media Folders tutorial ⇒

Media Tags

Creates tags for filtering images (Open Y 2.3.3 and earlier), Documents and Videos in the media browser.