One of the first places members go when they visit a Y website is to their local Y’s page. In Open Y, you create pages for a wellness facility with the Branch content type.

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Collecting Standard Information for Your Branch

When you create a branch, you create a page for that branch, a card listing on your locations page, and a tag for blogs, sessions, events, membership types and news posts.

Most of your general information will display in your header.

Your branch amenities will only display if you add a “Branch Amenities with Icons” paragraph in your bottom or content Area

Branch Information Fields

General Information

-> Title

This is the name of your branch, which will display as your page title and the title in the location card.

There is no separate field for the full name of your facility (e.g., Downtown Nashville YMCA Burkholder Center) versus the common name (Downtown YMCA). The best practice would be to use the shorter, more common name for readability.

-> Neighborhood

An optional reference to specify which neighborhood your Y is located in (e.g., “East Nashville” for the Margaret Maddox YMCA). Start typing and select from the list of neighborhoods that appear.

To add a new neighborhood, add it to the “Area” vocabulary under Structure > Taxonomy.

Contact Info

-> Address:

The physical address of your location. Be sure to include all address fields.

-> Branch coordinates

This field pins your branch on the locations map.

How to Get Your Branch Coordinates from Google Maps

  • Right click on your Y and select “What’s here?” Click on the latitude/longitude number at the bottom of the card. > > admin__google-maps–whats-here|573x500, 75%

  • Below the headline, copy the first number (the non-negative number) into the latitude field. Copy the second number (the negative number) into the longitude field. > > admin__google-maps–geo|573x500, 75%

-> Phone/Fax/Email

The fax is optional, but add the main line for your branch in the phone field.

Add a main contact email, such as, rather than the email for an individual staff member.

-> Directions

Link to your Google Places. Add “Get Directions” in the Link Text section.

-> Branch Hours

Add the main hours for your facility. Use the 7am-5pm format to save space. Displays in the header and on the card.

Note - Some Ys have set up the branch hours field to include holiday hours, as well as hours for multiple parts of your facility. This is an advanced feature; talk to your agency partner if you would like this.

Header Area

There is no image field for the Branch content type, so you will need to add one of the following paragraphs to add an image and title at the top of your page:

Content Area

The Branch Content Type only has one layout option—one column—and no description field. Add in almost any paragraph you want into the body of you page.

The following paragraph types integrate directly with Branch:

Bottom Area

Use the bottom area for anchoring elements on your page. The following paragraphs are great for this area:

Branch Amenities

Type in and select which amenities are available at your branch using the autocomplete field.

admin–branch__amenities|690x213, 75%

If you embed a Branch Amenities with Icons paragraph on your page, the amenities will display in your content. The Amenities will also serve as filters for branches on your locations page.

If you don’t see an option available or would like to rename a branch amenity, go to Structure > Taxonomy > Amenities.

#### Closed Amenities Ys with Open Y 2.5 or later can tag amenities at a branch that have closed. Content editors will see a “Closed Amenities” field.

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