User Documentation

Everything you’ve wanted to know about using Open Y.

These documents are a combination of the Open Y Community User Documentation and the User Manual.

If you see something missing or would like to request a new topic, please open an issue.

Text Editor

Some fields in Open Y allow you to format your text like in a Word doc. This feature is called the Text Editor or WYSIWYG (What Your See Is What You Get).

Page/Content Types

Open Y features 20 different kinds of pages, or content types. Choosing the right content type will ensure your collect the right information and allow you the flexibility to create layouts.


Blocks allow content editors to reuse sections of content across multiple pages.


Embed simple text, images, blocks and interactive components with blocks, Open Y’s layout-building component.

Taxonomy, Vocabularies, and Terms

Group pieces of related content together for tagging, filtering, sorting and grouping with Open Y’s tagging system.

Images and Documents

Open Y’s media library and browser stores images and files, allowing you to have custom cropping, focal pointing, folders and image styles.


Beyond just a basic contact form, Drupal’s robust webforms features allow you to build interactive webforms with logic-based questions, built-in animation fields and a submissions manager.