Patch Open Y

Here you can find instructions how you can patch Open Y distribution used on your project.

When you need to patch Open Y

  • In case you found a bug and prepared a patch for Open Y on github.
  • In case you developed a new feature that will be good to have in Open Y and created Pull Request to Open Y repository
  • In case you want to add a feature that added to Open Y but not included yet to Open Y release.

How to patch Open Y via composer?

If you followed instructions docs/Development/Start new Open Y project and you have configured composer.json you need just to do a few simple steps:

  1. Build a link to a patch using pull request ID

Where XXX is a number of pull request you want to use.

  1. Add a new section patches to the section extra and add a patch to Open Y repository, as on this example:

    "extra": {
        "installer-paths": {
        "enable-patching": true,
        "patches": {
            "ymcatwincities/openy": {
                "Patch description": ""
  2. After adding a patch execute command composer update

  3. Verify you can see added changes in Open Y

  4. Enjoy!