Documentation Tips & Tricks

In addition to the full documentation, here are some commonly used functions in the Open Y Docs.

General Styles

The Open Y Docs are written in Markdown, an easy-to read and write formatting language.

The old documentation made heavy use of horizontal rules --- and slashes in headings ## // Heading. We try to use standard Markdown headings for organization and remove those visual indicators for better accessibility.

Headings with a page should start with level 2 ## in order to properly build the in-page navigation.

Internal links should be made with Markdown and page-relative locations, like:




Image files should be placed in the /assets/img directory at the root of the project, then they can be embedded with relative paths with Markdown:

![Alt text](../../../../assets/img/llama.png "This is a caption.")

A very adorable llama.
A very adorable llama

Image processing is brought to you by Hugo Markdown Render Hooks, editable in layouts/_default/_markup.

Video Embeds

Videos can be embedded using Hugo’s youtube or vimeo shortcodes. These take the form:

{{< youtube w7Ft2ymGmfc >}}
{{< vimeo 146022717 >}}

To replace regular YouTube links with the shortcode you can use the following regex:

find: https?:\/\/(?:www\.)?(?:youtube\.com|youtu\.be)\/(?:watch\?v=)?([\w-]+)
replacement: {{< youtube w7Ft2ymGmfc >}}


The old community documentation used headings inside blockquotes (starting each line with >). That formatting doesn’t work in Hugo. We can use Docsy alerts instead.

{{% alert title="Warning" %}}
This is a warning.
{{% /alert %}}